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My name is John Miller, and I am the founder of

I find river cruising to be the perfect fusion of exploration, comfort, and cultural immersion. I have personally sailed on over a dozen river cruises with a variety of cruise lines – with more on the books over the coming year. Between firsthand experience and in-depth training, I understand and appreciate the commonalities, as well as the differences, between each cruise line and the rivers they sail. As a European river cruise specialist, there are two main objectives that I hope this website will help provide – matching you to the cruise line that provides the onboard experience that meets or exceeds your needs and preferences, and finding the river that best speaks to your desired experience.

Image of founder, John Miller

Originally, I developed the content on this website to help my clients learn more about the joys of river cruising – but I decided to put this out on a public website so that non-clients and fellow travel professionals could find unbiased information and resources pertaining to European river cruises.


I highly recommend using a trusted travel advisor when booking a European river cruise – so reach out to yours when you are ready to book your next European river cruise. Not only will you get extra guidance and support from a professional, but you will do so at no extra out-of-pocket cost to you! Don’t have a trusted travel advisor? I am happy to help, so feel free to reach out to start discussing how I can help ensure your voyage is tailored to perfection, helping you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Where would you like to start exploring? No matter where you start your journey, I hope this website helps you find the perfect match for your next European river cruise!



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